Parity Democracy

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MIGS came to me with a project to develop a visual identity for a European-wide public awareness and advocacy campaign to promote the equal representation of women and men in view of the 2014 European Parliament elections.

I worked with MIGS to develop the awareness campaign under the slogan “I VOTE. I CHANGE. I VOTE FOR EQUALITY”. Tools and information material included a visual identity that captured the spirit and the message of the campaign, a campaign website, print materials, and online banners. All materials were made available in Czech, English, French, Greek, and Lithuanian.

The campaign in the EU elections 2014 had a very wide outreach. The project contributed concretely to the promotion of public dialogue on parity democracy and gender equality in decision making in all partner countries and on a European level. We saw evidence of this in popular media, where there were more than 40 articles, radio shows, TV shows, websites and blogs in Europe giving visibility to the project and its aims and objectives boosting the public dialogue on the issue. Specifically, the website of the project received more than 26,000 page views and had more than 9,000 visitors from all around the words but mainly from Europe between September 2013 and and June 2014.