I joined Elastic to work alongside the new Creative Director, marketing department, and development team on a rebrand and new website for their big product launch which took place in September 2016.

My Contribution

  1. Gathered requirements (business, user, system)
  2. Presented information architecture initiatives
  3. Produced wireframes, interface design and website specifications
  4. Facilitated team meetings, and lead the development team to implement the new website user interface
  5. Worked on brand design guidelines and visual design, guided other design freelancers, and also did print work
  6. Laid the foundation project folder structure, style guide documentation and pattern libraries and introduced the team to new collaboration and application tools.


Designer, Creative Director, Visual Designer, Copywriter, Illustrator, Director of Brand, Director of Marketing, Developers


Figure 2. I redesigned navigation taxonomy, reduced the number of links, and normalised labels. Went through many iterations due to product and service offerings not finalised.
Figure 3. I got team members involved early in the design process with quick low-fidelity prototypes and wireframes using paper, Balsamiq and Sketch. Used InVision to make demonstrations more interactive.
Figure 4-5. Using Sketchapp applied new product branding, grid structure, typography, colour scheme, and icons. Used InVision and a staging website to observe how well the site would be received.