BBC: UGC Project

UGC responsive prototype


We were asked to redesign current tools for a new generation of user generated content use cases that BBC Products teams are delivering, while making the tool as efficient as possible for moderators to use, which in turn will save the BBC money on the cost per object moderated.


UX Designer, UX Researcher, UX Architect, Creative Director, Senior Business Analysts, Product Managers, Content Managers, Senior/Mid Developers

My Contribution

  1. Working closely with the two teams for a coherent experience between tools
  2. Conducted discovery research
  3. Compiled reported findings and recommendations
  4. Created and user tested initial concepts and wireframes
  5. Find a specific show via search
  6. Working closely with product to prioritise features for MVP


We conducted discovery research to determine who uses the current systems and how they are used. A combination of contextual interviews and observations to understand the current workflows and requirements. We examined the pro’s and con’s of these systems to help build the requirements for the new tools and attempt to future proof our design work. Recommendations were shared with the developer teams and a report was compiled with our findings and recommendations.

Figure 2. Legacy systems used by Moderation & Curation teams

Information Architecture

Research analysis, site maps, content audits, data modelling and language delivers a user experience that is intuitive and inline with the mental models of the end user.

Wireframes and Validation

With our IA blueprint we were ready to create initial concepts and wireframes and tested those with users to make sure the designs support their requirements.

UGC low-fi Wireframes
Figure 4. Wireframes


The Moderation and Curation tools are being worked on simultaneously and each has their own product team and users. As a smaller team of UX Designer, UX Architect and UX Researcher, we self-organised into running sprints.

UGC progressive wireframes.
Figure 5. UGC's progressive wireframes of both Moderation, Curation & Terms Matcher tools.
Week 1 Week 2

Defining & designing tool 1

Reviewing & user testing tool 2

Defining & designing tool 2

Reviewing & user testing tool 1

Table 1. Sprint pattern.

This gave us the ability to progress on both tools at pace; go through the structure and features in sequence, test, and refine after testing, utilising all team roles simultaneously.

Shared Paterns

As the S+SD team work alongside many development teams, I spearheaded the development of a design system, working alongside the BBC Global Experience Language (GEL), to include components and patterns for more transactional products the team works on. The libraries, design tools and practices included in the system were central to the coherent experience between UGC tools and other tools in the team portfolio.

Figure 6. UGC tool compared to other internal tools under development.